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Water. One of the three elements required to sustain life.

It can be found in bottles, in labs, in rivers, in lakes, streams, creeks, and oceans.

Interestingly enough each of these forms of water are all different and all have different minerals. The reason bottled water is different from tap water, is the same reason that clean water is different from dirty water. Even when the water is clear, it can still be contaminated, it can still negatively effect your health. Would you drink out of the nearest natural water source? For myself in Texas, that would be our lake, slightly murky and lower than its normal level. Yet in many of the villages Water 2 Egypt works in, the closest natural source of water is from a canal that comes from the Nile. Even with pumps or piping in some villages, the water can still be unhealthy, that is why a water filtration system is vital.

In almost all of the villages that Healing Grace works in, hepatitis and kidney issues  are the most common, and most rampant diseases faced by villagers. But most of the hepatitis and other disease cases can be traced back to a few things: contaminated water, contaminated food, and lack of sanitation. Oh and these problems are not new or hard to fix. These problems can be solved with education, water filters, and a little bit of people power to make the problem disappear.

Over the past few days i have learned a lot of different information about hepatitis through the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the most interesting and frightening facts I have learned was that many people with hepatitis do not know they have the disease.

Stop. Reread that last sentence.

Now let’s put this into perspective that hits close to home. Imagine your mother or your father or someone you are really close to. Now imagine them getting sick. That part shouldn’t be a big deal because everyone gets sick.Imagine that this person got better, or so you thought. Now imagine that all of a sudden you find out they have died. You do not know why, you only know they were sick but got better. How could this be? They never took any medicine they just continued to live then, boom, they are dead. Then a doctor show up and you find out they had a disease that has a funny name but could have been prevented. Now what? Are you angry? Are you sad?

Unfortunately many people live in this situation everyday. For some people who lose husbands or fathers, they lose a source of income for the family. All because of a disease with a funny name that can be prevented and treated. And surprisingly enough most of the diseases running around rural villages in developing areas, can be prevented by having access to clean water.

Simple H2O can save lives. 

You can’t get sick from simple H2O.

You cant get worms either.

Or parasites.

So next time you get a nice glass or bottle of water remember that you and I do not have to worry about getting sick from drinking water that we usually swim, or fish, or play in.

Let’s make a difference and make preventABLE diseases preventED.

Join us at Water 2 Egypt by contributing as a group or a single person at localhost/w2e/get-involved.