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In this post we pick up where we left off in Prepping to Go Part 1.

Preparation. Many people do it whenever they go on adventures, before sporting events, before they go into a business proposal. When we prep to go on a short-term mission trip, we have a little different way to prepare. We have to prepare ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually.

Physical Preparation – The physical preparation aspect of a short-term mission trip is really to allow you to building up the ability to be walking significantly, sometimes physical labor, and to stay physically healthy in places and climates that are not your own. One of the best ways I prepare for a short-term mission trip physically, is to make sure I pack essential extra medication, extra water bottles, and some snacks to keep myself alert and fully focused. I also will spend as much time as I can outside and eating meals that are full and nurturing. Usually my physical preparation begins 2-3 weeks out of our trip.

Emotional Preparation – Finally, we have to prepare emotionally for our trip. A couple of years ago whenever I was on a trip to Egypt, our Egyptian friends were very upset with the result of an election. It was heartbreaking to see our friends and our hosts cry, but we later realized that there would be new persecution that they would have to deal with, where we had no true idea of what persecution felt like. You have to be able to know when to be emotionally stable and when you can let everything go. There will be times on any short or long-term mission trip that you will experience something that breaks you down to the core. Emotional preparation helps us balance the fine line between uninhibited emotion and from looking like we do not care at all. The best thing I can offer as advice is to be open and try to be understanding. You have to understand that life and the differences of where we live are not equal. You have to understand that what may break your heart, is just simply the way of life. It is hard to swallow but keep these in the back of your mind. It is ok to get emotional on a short-term mission trip; there is simply a time and a place.